Debris & Safety Nettings Image

Debris & Safety Nettings

Safety Debris Netting is a 1/4” knitted mesh material commonly used for guardrail debris protection, scaffolding enclosures or visual safety debris net barriers. Safety Debris Netting is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Poly Sheeting Image

Poly Sheeting

Poly sheeting is high strength polyethylene film with a tear resistant internal scrim reinforcement. Poly Sheeting is used for various applications including construction enclosures, temporary containment, abatement, ground covers and underlayment.

Heat Shrink Wrap Image

Heat Shrink Wrap

Heat Shrink Wrap is a premium grade polyethylene film formulated to shrink and conform to any structure when direct heat is applied. Shrink Wrap is most commonly used as boat wrap, transportation, packaging/storage. scaffolding, and marine containments.

Custom Printed Mesh Image

Custom Printed Mesh

Pro-Tect Construction Supply offers custom branding solutions for your job site needs. Print Full Edge to Edge Color Murals, or company logos. Our PVC Mesh Fire Retardant can be cut to a variety of sizes and includes Heat Sealed Edges and Grommets.

Privacy Fence Image

Privacy Fence

Our 88% Privacy Fence is a UV and Heat Treated Polyethylene, high grade, breathable product that allows good wind flow and durability.

Material Hoists Image

Material Hoists

Pro-Tect Construction Supply is an Authorized seller of The Maxial Track Scaffold Hoist. The safest, fastest, scaffold delivery system available.

Scaffold Image


Pro-Tect Construction Services carries various sizes. makes and models of scaffolding.

Containment Tarps Image

Containment Tarps

Containment tarps are most commonly used as 100% containment for industrial paint overspray, abrasive blasting, lead abatement, fireproofing overspray and general construction applications. Reinforced Webbing, Rust Proof Grommets. Various Sizes.

Specialty Tarps Image

Specialty Tarps

Poly and Canvas tarps are used during general construction for jobsite protection and weather protection. They come in various mil thickness and sizes, grommeted, and Flame and Non Flame Retardant Applications.

Surface Protection Image

Surface Protection

Cover Guard is a protective surface cover used as on floors, decks, tiles, walkways and other surface areas during construction and maintenance. Flame and Non Flame Retardant, Various Mil and sizes.

Insulated Concrete Blankets Image

Insulated Concrete Blankets

Poly Burlap curing blankets are two-layer concrete covers made from 10 oz. burlap sheet laminated onto a 5 mil white coated polyethylene fabric. White coated poly fabric faces up reflecting sunlight and heat allowing a smoother, harder, durable surface.

Total Containment Systems Image

Total Containment Systems

T.E.P.E. or Total Enclosed Painting Environment systems are designed to provide maximum containment for painting environments without the use of scaffolding.