Heavy debris Containment Nets

Heavy Debris Containment Nets are made from 2.5 inches of knotless polypropylene material and thoroughly examined to comply with the benchmarks set by the construction industry.  The Heavy Debris Containment Nets find widespread use in various safety containment applications within the construction industry, including but not limited to vertical, bridge, marine, industrial, and aviation projects. Select from a range of tailored dimensions and gradings starting at 2,000 pounds (2K), 5,000 pounds (5K), and 10,000 pounds (10K).


The Heavy Debris Containment Nets are designed for safety containment during construction and demolition projects. There are multiple rating options available, including 2,000 lb., 5,000 lb., and 10,000 lb. For secure installation, the nets feature sewn reinforced webbing and grommets along their perimeter edges. Extra UV inhibitors are added to increase the net's life expectancy. Additionally, the nets can be customized to be flame retardant if required.