coated airBAG TARP

Coated Airbag Tarps are a useful tool for creating a safe and effective containment area for industrial paint overspray, abrasive blasting, lead abatement, fireproofing overspray, and general construction applications. They are typically made from high-strength woven nylon fabric with a silicone coating that makes them impermeable to liquids and other materials.

One of the key features of Coated Airbag Tarps is their heavy-duty reinforced webbing and rustproof grommets, which provide maximum attachment points for securing the tarp. Additionally, internal center seams with additional webbing and grommets down the middle of the tarp further enhance its ability to be securely fastened.

Coated Airbag Tarps are constructed from tightly woven 420 denier nylon fabric with a silicone coating, boasting a mil thickness of 12 mil and fabric weight of 6.0 oz/sqyd. 

The perimeter edges feature 2" webbing, double stitching & brass grommets, while the internal seams include 2" webbing, double stitching & brass grommets. In addition, the corners are sewn & reinforced for added durability and sewn overlaps are available for joining tarps together. The airbag nylon colors may vary upon availability, and the tarp is flame retardant (FR) and meets FMVSS 302 Test. Custom sizes are also available and made to order.