V-Pro surface protection

V-Pro Surface Protection is a sustainable option for superior surface protection. V-Pro is made of recycled fruit juice boxes and milk cartons with a PE-layer which makes it possible to be  water-repellent, moisture-resistant,  impact-resistant, and with the added PE-Layer giving it an additional safety feature making it anti-slip and dirt repelling.

V-PRO Protection Board Gray / Gray is easy to roll out, use and remove. It contains all the positive properties of the standard protection products such as cardboard, construction film and coverings combined in one. Ideally suited for painting, plastering, moving, TI (tenant improvements), construction and industrial applications. 


V-PRO's unique concept is the global collection of waste and outflow streams to give laminated paper, such as juice boxpackaging, a second life and repurpose the materials.  With a strong waste hierarchy throughout V-PRO that focuses on waste prevention, minimization and recycling, over 200,000,000 lbs of waste is processed annually.

This floor protection is easily cut to size if needed. If you are using multiple rolls in one large area it is recommended by the manufacturer to overlap them by about 4 inches and tape them together to ensure no spillage seeps through anywhere. 

V-PRO is not suitable for newly laid floors such as porous stones, natural stones, clay tiles and concrete.