About Us

Who we are

About Us

Pro-Tect Construction Supply was founded in 1996 as an employee owned and operated business. There are no punchy words or catch phrases to describe us. We keep it simple. Work hard, and give the best customer service and support we can.

Our Targets

Construction, Maritime, Shipping, Scaffold, Painting, and Masonry Industries. Commercial, Industrial and Residential.

Our Strategy

Build strong relationships with new and current customers, give the best service, and keep our products competitively priced. No high pressure sales goals, tactics, analytics, or gimmicks.

  • Our Company Missions

    To help give you the tools and solutions you need to complete your job. We will listen to you, and be proactive to give you the highest customer service experience possible.

Meet our team

Richard Eagle

Richard handles the day to day business operations, customer outreach and business development. Richard has been in the Scaffold Industry for 25 years and brings a strong knowledge, expertise and support in this field as well as the construction industry. Richard loves to fish in Alaska and he will always have a story to tell you about how many he has pulled out of the ocean!

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan handles new and current customer outreach and relationship building in and out of the field, marketing and advertising, product research, and all technically advanced skills needed to assist Richard in re-setting of passwords that he always forgets. Prior to Seattle, Jonathan lived in Hollywood and worked for a special effects company, created multiple comedy web-series, documentaries, worked in reality tv shows behind the scenes, and is always writing some sketch or crazy idea. Jonathan is an Eagle Boy Scout, enjoys camping, and having friends over for game nights.

Gabby Mancilla

Gabby keeps the office in order. All the paperwork, orders, filing, and customer database is meticulously handled to keep us going on a day to day basis. If you don’t get a package slip signed, she will let you know you forgot! She is sure to keep you accurate and accountable. Gabby enjoys crafts and artwork, and spending time in Spokane with her family and new baby Granddaughter.

Pako The Dog

If you visit our office you have probably been met with the joy and excitement of our company mascot Pako! He has his own office chair and when he gets a new visitor he will come up to and paw at your legs for your attention. Every morning at 9am Pako goes to his favorite office next door to beg for treats that he hordes in his office chair. While not at work he lays around at home and always knows how to get what he wants. Yah, he’s got it made.