square reinforced poly sheeting

Our Square String-Reinforced Polyethylene Sheeting is the perfect solution for temporary construction applications that require a lightweight yet extremely tear-resistant film. This high strength polyethylene sheeting with string reinforcement is available in both 6 MIL and 10 MIL thicknesses, making it suitable for a wide range of projects. It also includes a Heavy Duty 10mil Heat Sealed Border with eyelets for Vertical and Horizontal Applications. Square String-Reinforced Poly Sheeting is an excellent choice for use as weather enclosures, scaffold wraps, dust and fine debris containment, demolition, and much more. Additionally, it is available in both Fire-Retardant and Non-Fire-Retardant versions, ensuring that it meets all safety requirements. The UV-treated, durable material of the square string-reinforced poly ensures that it can withstand harsh weather conditions and will satisfy your temporary-enclosure jobsite needs.

Offered in both Fire-Retardant and Non-Fire Retardant, our Poly Sheeting is stocked in 6 mil and 10 mil thicknesses and meets NFPA 701 Test Method II standards, ensuring safety on the job site. This UV-treated, durable material is puncture and tear-resistant, flexible in cold temperatures, and long-lasting. Its superior strength makes it ideal for various temporary construction applications such as building enclosures, scaffold wrapping, wind and weather enclosures, abatement, containment and ground cover, temporary heating enclosures, as well as for demolition, dust, and debris control.