Debris Netting

Our heavy-duty debris netting made from high-density poly material with 1/16" hole openings and button holes for easy attachment. This type of netting is commonly utilized for a variety of purposes such as scaffold enclosures, light debris containment, wind barriers, guardrail protection, dust and overspray control, and more. Our debris netting has passed the NFPA 701 test method, UV treated, will not unravel when cut.

Features & Applications

Our high-density knitted poly mesh netting boasts 1/16" mesh hole openings and is tear-resistant, meaning it won't unravel when cut. It features reinforced eyelet edge button holes for easy fastening, and is available in roll widths ranging from 4' to 20', with custom sewing options also available. Our netting is UV treated has been fire rated to meet NFPA 701. It allows air to pass through and remains flexible even in cold weather climates, making it suitable for a variety of applications including scaffold netting, guardrail netting, and floor-to-ceiling debris netting.

Used for protective scaffolding enclosures, guardrail debris protection, visual safety barriers, construction windscreens, demolition and debris control, building wrap enclosures, special event staging or fencing, and shade cloth.