Scaffold Sheeting

If you're in the construction, scaffold, or containment industry, you know that time is a precious commodity on the jobsite. That's why our Premium Polyethylene Scaffold Sheeting is designed to provide heavy-duty protection against extreme weather conditions. Keep your workers safe and your project on track with this durable premium reinforced poly sheeting. Featuring robust 38mil reinforced bands and pre-punched eyelets, installation is fast and easy, saving you both time and money. With the help of our bungee cord connectors, our Scaffold Sheeting will create a strong weather enclosure, allowing you to move forward with your project regardless of the elements. 

Our premium grade string reinforced scaffold sheeting is perfect for a variety of applications. With reinforced eyelet bands for fastening bungee ties. Pre-set eyelet holes make installation fast and easy. Highly tear resistant and water-resistant, our reinforced scaffold sheeting is also mildew-resistant and remains flexible in cold weather climates. Additionally, it is UV treated and available in  flame retardant that meet the NFPA 701 Test Method II.