White Poly Tape

Our Heavy duty polyethylene backed, single coated tape is a technologically advanced tape that has been engineered to provide superior performance and versatility. The tape is designed with serrated edges that make it easy to tear and use. Its exceptional sealing capabilities ensure permanent and temporary bonds between various materials. It is available in a range of  thicknesses, colors, and widths to suit a variety of applications. Commonly used in construction, industrial, and other related applications to tape, seam, or seal shrink wrap, poly sheeting, reinforced poly, methane barrier, and scaffold sheeting enclosures. 

Our heavy-duty polyethylene backed single coated tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive is available in roll widths of 2 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches. Available in: 7.5 mil, 8mil and 9 mil thickness. It is an excellent choice for creating a durable and or temporary bond between poly sheeting, shrink wrap, reinforced poly sheeting, and scaffold sheeting enclosures. Its strong adhesive properties make it a reliable option for ensuring a tight seal and secure bond. Whether used for temporary or permanent bonds, this tape provides exceptional sealing capabilities that can withstand harsh environments and challenging conditions.