Clear Poly Sheeting

Our Clear Poly Sheeting is most commonlly used for overspray protection, drop cloth, fireproofing overspray protection, mold remidiation, shelter protection, table cover, boat cover, vapor barrier, concrete cover, spray barrier or liner. This versatile film is also great for protecting products and items from harsh environments, acting as a dust guard, rain and snow shield, or guarding against any aggressive surrounding. 

Our clear poly sheeting is highly versatile and provides excellent protection for products and items against a range of harsh environments, such as dust, rain, snow, or any other aggressive surrounding. Additionally, these covers can be used as vapor barriers, concrete covers, spray barriers, or liners. Perfect for a variety of applications, including overspray protection, drop cloth, table cover, and boat cover, among others. Proudly made in the USA, ensuring high quality and durability.