HD Mesh Debris Tarps

HD Fire Rated Mesh Tarps are composed of 1/16” knitted debris netting that is expertly fabricated with reinforced hemmed edges and brass grommets for added durability. These versatile mesh tarps can be utilized to create a building containment system during various construction activities such as new construction, exterior & interior restoration, scaffolding usage, spray fireproofing, plastering, stucco, and drywall installation. Despite being air permeable, our tarps are dense enough to provide effective containment of debris, dust, and other job-site materials. Furthermore, they are designed to be tear and rip-resistant, as well as easy to use and install, making them the ideal choice for any job site.

Our HD Mesh Debris Tarps are the perfect option for containment. The perimeter edges are folded, hemmed and double stitched with grommets placed 3' apart on all edges and internal center seams. This tear-resistant mesh will not unravel when cut, allowing air to pass through and remaining flexible in cold weather climates. It meets NFPA 701 Test Method II. This mesh scaffolding enclosure provides a wind block or shade cloth, while also helping to contain dust, debris and overspray. It is also easy to tie down.

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