Heavy Debris Containment Nets

Heavy Debris Containment Nets are made from high tenacity 2.5” knotless polypropylene and tested to meet construction industry standards. Heavy Debris Nets are most commonly used for and array of construction safety containment applications for: vertical, bridge, marine, industrial, and aviation industries. Choose from a variety of custom sizes and ratings from 2K LB, 5K LB, and 10K LB. To learn more, please  click on More Info. 

**NOTE**If you need higher ratings, or are required to contain debris as well as personnel, please navigate to our Personnel Safety Netting.

Spec Sheet Available Upon Request

Heavy Debris Netting - MADE IN THE USA

Hevy Debris Netting are reusable with proper inspection, maintenance and project application analysis and approval. Versatile performance is made possible by two net layers combined in a stacked configuration. These two layers are combined using a bordering technique that provides maximum strength and easy hook-up grommet attachment points.

Many custom sizes are available. Lead times are determend on the scope of work. You may also send us a copy of your Takeoff to confirm layout, instillation points, and any additional hardware needed for your application.


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