Our Premium 10 and 15mil poly is a high performance, multi-layer, polyolefin based, below slab vapor barrier. It is manufactured with state of the art polyolefin resins specifically designed to ensure low permeability, high tensile strength, and superior puncture resistance. Designed to suppress the transmission of water vapor penetration through concrete slabs on grade, including an effective product for impeding vapor migration through foundation walls. Exceeds all requirements of ASTM 1745 class A, B, & C

This high-performance vapor barrier is made from co-extruded polyolefin, making it an excellent solution for concrete underslabs and foundation barriers, radon barriers, and gas and moisture barriers. With superior puncture and impact resistance, high tensile tear strength, and virtually zero moisture vapor permeability, this barrier provides exceptional protection against moisture mitigation and organisms in the soil. It meets the ASTM E-1745 Class A, B, C standards for vapor retarders between soil and slab, making it resistant to decay and degradation. This makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including commercial building developments, residential homes, and commercial concrete construction.