• Aluminum supported enclosure system designed for
maximum wind and weather protection
• Enclosure wrap made from polyethylene, polypropylene,
vinyl and various other fabrics
• Works with any standard scaffold or cable supported structure
• Conforms to any structure with attachment points for
scaffold clamps

The E-trax system is an enclosure system that provides solutions for scaffolding and other cable-supported enclosures to be easily installed and used daily. The E-trax system is easy to use and the system fits any standard scaffold and conforms to any structure with attachment points for scaffold clamps. Eagle's E-trax system is completely reusable and will last for years.
• Construction building enclosures
• Restoration & new construction
• Environmental containment
• Winter & weather protection
• Abatement remediation
• Scaffolding enclosure, temporary cover
ET-4.04' E-Trax Rail
ET-6.66.6' E-Trax Rail
ET-13.013' E-Trax Rail
ET-CB55" E-Trax Connector Bar
ET-CB1010" E-Trax Connector Bar
ET-CBOOutside Connector
ET-CUTCustom Cut E-Trax Rail