Diamond Reinforced Poly sheeting

The DURA-SKRIM is a versatile diamond reinforced poly product that offers excellent performance in outdoor applications that require durability and resistance to tearing and puncturing for up to a year. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of temporary liners, covers, and erosion control solutions. Additionally, it is also suitable for shipping and packaging, fumigation covers, temporary walls, and many more applications. With its high resistance to tearing and puncturing, the DURA-SKRIM provides superior protection for a variety of surfaces. It is also available in custom widths and accordion-folded and rolled tight, making it easier to install and use.


DURA-SKRIM is a reinforced extrusion laminate that comprises of four layers. The exterior layers are made of clear polyethylene film that possesses high-strength and reinforced with a heavy-duty scrim laid diagonally and spaced 3/8" apart, along with an additional machine direction scrim every 9" across the width. These layers are then fused together using molten polyethylene to form a single, durable unit.