Safe and Simple To Use
•The Maxial Track is designed specifically for the unique demands of scaffold erection
•Works with Frame, System or Tube & Clamp
•Flexible enough to work with any modern scaffold system – even has a narrow track option for industrial boiler maintenance.
•Quick loading and unloading of pipes and frames
•Baskets are built for scaffold which means no delays securing pieces for transport and no falling parts.
•Track builds with you. Mounts inside or out
•No separate setups, no additional space or tools required. Simply bring up a piece of Maxial Track with your scaffold and add as needed.

Complete Projects Faster
•Deliver scaffold to work level fast (80 fpm).
•Workers aren’t standing on the scaffold waiting on the supply chain. Materials are delivered as fast as they can assemble and in batches instead of one at a time.
•Consistent, all-day delivery.
•No unexpected delays from worker fatigue, breaks, or injuries.
•Fast and consistent makes for better, more accurate bids.
•No matter how big the job, estimate project timelines and labor hours more precisely when your supply chain is fast and works all day long.

Generate Higher Profits Per Project And Per Year
•20% more production – everyday
•Free up your labor to work on scaffold construction – not transporting materials. What would getting an extra 20% out more out of your labor do for •Your bottom line? What would it do for your bids?
•Add revenue to each project
•Once the scaffold is up, rent out your hoist to other subcontractors for use during the project.
•Complete more projects per year
•Completing projects faster means you can bid on more work and take on more work each year – more work equals more revenue.