• High strength EPDM synthetic rubber membrane sheeting
• Mil thickness: 45 mil, 60 mil
• Black in color
• Scrim reinforced rubber rolls goods
• Non-reinforced rubber roll goods
• Flame retardant available

Rubber Membrane sheeting is a high strength EPDM synthetic rubber used for heavy duty proection of floors, decks, jobsite surface & help protects tarps & conatinement from tearing during construction & abrasive blasting. Rubber membrane is commonly used during roofing construction as well as all purpose membrane for industrial painting & coatings. Rubber membrane is made from puncture resistant EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), black in color, and available in 10' x 100' rolls of 45 mil and 60 mil.
10' x 100'45 milBlackSmoothFlame Retardant1 each
10' x 100'45 milBlackPolyester ReinforcedFlame Retardant1 each
10' x 100'60 milBlackSmoothFlame Retardant1 each