Privacy Fence Mesh
Category: Privacy Fence
• High density knitted polyethylene mesh netting
• 90% mesh shade cloth
• Roll width: 5'8", 7'8", 10', Custom Sizes Available
• Rolls goods: edges include reinforced eyelet button holes for fastening
• Fence panels: edges include webbing & grommets for fastening
• Tear resistant mesh netting
• Shade cloth or fencescreen fabric
• UV treated
• Will not unravel when cut
• Mesh design allows slight air to pass through
• Remains flexible in cold weather climates

• Provides a visual barrier for privacy
• Protect dust & debris on the construction jobsite
• Creates a wind block or shade cloth
• Can be used as crowd control for special events
• Tear resistant
• Will not unravel when cut
• Will not brittle or crack in harsh weather environments
Privacy Fence netting is a dense knitted mesh material commonly used as perimeter fencing, scaffolding enclosures, windscreen or temporary special event fencing. Privacy Fence netting is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors for maximum life expectancy. The dense flat mesh yarns allow for visual privacy and wind blockage. Raw Privacy fence rolls include reinforced eyelet holes (button holes) on the edges for fastening purposes. Privacy fence pre-made panels include lightweight webbing and grommets on the perimeter. This allows for an easy, safe and secure installation.
• Jobsite perimeter fence screen
• Visual privacy barrier
• Construction windscreen
• Demolition, dust and debris control
• Crowd control
• Special event fencing
• Golf courses and sporting events
5'8x 150'GreenHemmed & Grommets1/bag, 100/pallet
5'8x 150'BlackButton Holes1/bag, 100/pallet
5'8x 150'BlueButton Holes1/bag ,50/pallet
5'8x 150'GreenButton Holes1/bag ,50/pallet
5'8x 150'Desert TanButton Holes1/bag ,50/pallet
7'8" x 150'BlackButton Holes1/bag ,50/pallet
7'8" x 150'BlueButton Holes1/bag ,50/pallet
7'8" x 150'GreenButton Holes1/bag ,50/pallet
7'8" x 150'Desert TanButton Holes1/bag ,50/pallet
10' x 150'BlackButton Holes1/bag ,50/pallet
10' x 150'Blue Button Holes1/bag, 24/pallet
10' x 150'GreenButton Holes1/bag, 24/pallet
10' x 150'Desert TanButton Holes1/bag, 24/pallet
5'8x 150'GreenWebbing & Grommets3/bag, 9/bale, 72/pallet
7'8" x 150'GreenWebbing & Grommets2/bag, 8/bale, 64/pallet